Zebco Bullet Vs Omega Pro – Which Is The Better Option?

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I’m still a little perplexed as to why spincast reels still exist. Maybe it’s nostalgia, and no doubt there’s a group of anglers who still enjoy using them. 

The spinning reel is so much more versatile and easier to use.

Whatever the reason for their incredible persistence, if you’re in the market for a spincast, you may as well get a good model with decent performance.

Zebco is kind of the home of spincast. And if you’re looking for reliability and predictable performance, Zebco should be your first port of call.

Let’s take a look at the Zebco Bullet and Omega Pro. 

We’ll make some comparisons so you can assess which Zebco is the most suitable for you.

Zebco Bullet vs Omega Pro – What Are The Main Differences?

The Omega Pro is the cheaper of the two reels, with the Zebco Bullet being the top-shelf, flagship offering. 

The Zebco Omega Pro is available in two sizes, ZO2 and ZO3. The Zebco Bullet also has a more expensive model, the MG, which offers a magnesium body.

Depending on where you buy, there can be around thirty to sixty dollars difference between the top Bullet (MG) and the ZO2. 

In dollar terms, it doesn’t sound like much, but in percentage terms, it’s quite a substantial difference.

Let’s see if we can identify why there’s such a price difference. We’ll start with aesthetics. 

More often than not, the more expensive reel will look more appealing.


The Zebco Bullet is easily the better-looking of the two reels. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the Bullet’s all-satin black and gray highlights give it an impressive high-tech sports reel look.

The Omega Pro is a little underwhelming in all-black. However, the chrome does add a little interest, breaking the monotone.

I like the handle on the Zebco Bullet for its looks and function. The single handle on the Omega Pro makes the reel look a little unbalanced.

Ball Bearings

The Zebco Bullet has 8+1 ball bearings, two more than the Omega Pro. This is the first place we can see the price variation. 

I like the extra bearings for durability – the more support for rotating parts, the better. 

In terms of speed and lightness of the crank, You’d have to test them side by side to feel the negligible difference between the two.

two fishermen fishing by the lake

Gear Ratio

This is the most telling factor for me. The Zebco Bullet has a 5.1 gear ratio, which is pretty high for a spincast reel. 

At 3.4, the Omega Pro is more of a traditional spincast ratio.

A slow reel is by no means a deal breaker, but the higher cranking speed adds another level of versatility which is great for lures.

Retrieve Rate

The Bullet demonstrates how gear ratios translate to retrieve speed. 

There’s a significant difference between the two reel series, with the Bullet providing 29.6″ per turn, and the two Omega models delivering 14″ and 19″ per turn.

Those fishing heavy cover and casting at the banks on the drift will definitely appreciate the extra speed of the Zebco Bullet. 

The speed makes it a little easier to use lures that like a little more pace for optimum presentation.


The Zebco Bullet weighs in at a reasonably heavy 13.9 oz (heavy for a spincast). 

If reduced weight is your driving criteria, the two Omega models are 8.1 oz and 10.6 oz – the ZO2 is significantly lighter.

These weights aren’t a problem for fatigue. They’re light. However, there’s enough difference between the two series to impact rod selection.

If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced rig – which is important with a spincast outfit, these weight differences will come into play.

Line capacity:

Spooled with mono, the Zebco Bullet will hold 90/10, the ZO2, 85/6, and the ZO3, 85/10. 

Again, I like the Zebco Bullet for line capacity because it provides more options for selecting different line classes.

This is another feature that pushed my preferences toward the Bullet. 

I want the option of going a little heavier for casting at gnarly cover and the spool depth to let a fish run when I’m fishing 4 pound.

Construction Material

Both reel series have metal bodies, which is a definite plus in my books. 

Plastic features feel a little flimsy, but overall they’re robust enough to cover the work they’re designed for.

Spincast fans will enjoy the feel of the magnesium Bullet, but all anglers will be impressed with the solid brass pinions in both the Zebco Bullet and the Omega Pro.

Drag system:

All the reels use Zebco’s dial-adjustable disk drag. It’s easy to use if a little rudimentary. 

I never found the drag capacity of the Omega Pro an issue, but the Bullet offers a more than respectable 12 pounds.

The Omega Pro uses a traditional spincast drag that ensures the reel can never free spool, even at the lowest drag setting. 

This is a handy feature for beginners, a feature that signified the spincast purpose of making fishing with a reel easy.


Both series have a dedicated anti-reverse bearing. This is a must-have feature in all reels and especially good for spincast reels given their popularity with beginners.

Pre-spooled line:

I have never been a fan of pre-spooled new reels. I remove the line and replace it. 

Generally speaking, a pre-spooled reel is associated with budget reels. 

Being high-end spincast reels, I feel Zebco should drop this feature.

Zebco Bullet Review – Verdict

Zebco Bullet Spincast Fishing Reel, Size 30 Reel, Fast 29.6 Inches Per Turn, GripEm All-Weather Handle Knobs, Pre-Spooled with 10-Pound Zebco Fishing Line, Black

The Zebco Bullet is Zebco’s flagship spincast reel. For the angler who hasn’t touched a spincast since they were kids, I’m pretty sure you’d be surprised at how far they’ve come regarding tech and performance.

It’s actually a joy to use; casting is simple, retrieve is lightweight and smooth, and the drag is smooth and predictable.

There are many inshore fishing applications for the Zebco Bullet. 

It falls in the middle, is a great sports option for the experienced angler, and a great option for kids just starting out.

I like the Zebco Bullet for casting smaller hard bodies at smallmouth. It’s excellent for peppering banks on a slow drift. 

Owing to the speed, I’m not frightened to use it for the shallows, knowing a few quick cranks can save my little lure.

Both the Bullet reel options are great. 

I think I’d spend the extra and go with the MG option for a little bit of weight reduction – it’s not that much more to pay to have the flagship spincast reel.

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Omega Pro Review – Verdict


While there’s a 30 to 60-dollar difference between the extreme ends of the Omega and the Bullet series, I’d still go for the Bullet.

It’s not that the Omega Pro isn’t any good; on the contrary – it’s a very cool spincast reel any spincast fan will appreciate.

If you’re on the tightest of budgets, and the Bullet price tag is too much of a stretch, the Zebco Omega Pro would be an excellent choice.

I’d use it the same way – pegging small hard bodies at smallmouth while drifting the banks. The difference is I’d add a much higher level of caution around structure and shallows.

I’m not sure why they offer two sizes; I’d always go for the ZO3. The added line capacity is a feature worth paying a few more dollars for.

If you’re looking for a classy spincast reel, the Omega Pro series should be your starting point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much drag does a Zebco bullet have?

The Zebco Bullet has a max drag of 12 pounds.

What line comes on the Zebco Bullet?

The Zebco Bullet is supplied pre-spooled with 10-pound mono. 

How much line does a Zebco Omega hold?

The Omegas hold 85 yards of 6-pound (ZO2), and 85 yards of 10-pound (ZO3) mono. 

How much do Zebco bullets weigh?

The Zebco Bullet MG weighs 10.944 oz, whereas the standard Zebco Bullet weighs 13.9 oz  

How much drag does a Zebco bullet have?

The Zebco Bullet has a max drag of 12 pounds.

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