Van Staal Pliers Review – Are They Any Good?

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Yep. You’ll get no argument from me. Van Staal pliers are an awesome bit of kit in every way. I often ask myself if I’d buy a Ferrari should the money be in my account. 

I’m pretty sure the answer is no. 

I can replace my Nissan Patrol every year for the next 10 years, and still not reach the cash I spent on one Ferrari. Having said that, I’m not really into car racing.

I also ask myself, what’s the likelihood of me dropping my pliers in 6 feet of water. For a normal set of pliers, I’d probably never drop them at all. 

However, having paid more than $350 for the pliers, Murphy’s law suggests it’s guaranteed they’ll hit the ocean floor on the first session.

Reviewing the Van Staal pliers is not about reviewing the quality. These pliers are in every way, Van Staal. The materials, performance, and craftsmanship are very special. 

Titanium and Tungsten dance in perfect harmony, delivering a set of bulletproof fishing pliers that will last indefinitely.

So why is the warranty only 1 year? Yes. Questions.

Are Van Staal Titanium Pliers Any Good?

The Van Staal Pliers are available in 7” and 6”. The package includes a beautifully crafted leather belt pouch and coil lanyard.

They’re lightweight with spring-loaded handles. The handles have an ergonomic design that enhances grip.

The spring mechanism is well concealed and secure. The tungsten line/leader/wire blades are sharp and easily removed and replaced.

They’ll cut reasonably fine braid and a heavier gauge metal leader. You can cut standard size hooks, but your blade will dull if you do this frequently.

Van Staal claims no wear, but even Tungsten blades cutting above its paygrade will deteriorate. The long nose delivers reasonable reach inside a mouth for hook removal. 

They’re quite maneuverable thanks to their lightweight design, spring action, and ergonomic shaping. Van Staal claims the pliers are designed to last a lifetime. 

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The construction materials and craftsmanship give them a very good chance of this; however, I cannot attest to this because I, or anybody I know, have not had a set for a lifetime.

The critical thing for me as a saltwater angler is that they will not corrode. The main reason I replace fishing pliers is because of corrosion. 

Having said that, I’ve never spent over $100 on fishing pliers, let alone above $300.

Van Staal Pliers Review – Who Are They For?

A reasonable set of pliers should be considered essential fishing kit. In that regard, the Van Staal pliers would be awesome in every angler’s kit.

Given the hefty price tag, Van Staal has a particular set of anglers in mind. 

Firstly, the Van Staal pliers will appeal to anglers who have to buy the very best of everything. Usually, these types of people equate most expensive to best.

Secondly, the pliers will appeal to more discerning anglers who appreciate great craftsmanship and presentation. 

This includes professional anglers with more substantial budgets for precision kit. 

And thirdly, the Van Staal pliers will appeal to anglers for whom budget delivers no restrictions. 

If I could afford to drop a set over the site and replace them tomorrow without a worry, I’d definitely purchase the Van Staal pliers.

Personally, I fall into the second category. But even though they’re a tax deduction for me, value for money puts the brakes on a purchase.

There is a fourth category in that such equipment is an awesome gift idea for anglers who have everything. 

They’re an item that the kids can purchase for their dad’s 50th.

Van Staal Pliers – Specifications and Features

  • No Rust
  • No Wear
  • Corrosion Free in the worst saltwater conditions
  • lanyard and leather sheath
  • Available in 6” and 7”
  • Titanium and tungsten construction

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The Verdict

While I can’t attest to the promised longevity, the Van Staal pliers certainly look like they’ll last indefinitely. They certainly won’t rust.

A quick check through chat sites shows there’s plenty of happy customers claiming 7 to 10 years of service without a hitch.

I have a pair of electricians’ long-nose pliers that I picked up for $35 that has been awesome for me for two seasons. 

While they don’t cut mono and braid so well, I’ve always carried nail cutters for this job. I have a little corrosion starting to show up now, but they’ve still got plenty of life. 

Importantly, if I drop mine in the surf or over the gunwale, I’m not going to cry for a month, nor listen to my wife telling me, “I told you so…”

The Van Staal pliers are a highly effective piece of useful kit that, in many ways, is very desirable. If I had a more significant annual budget for fishing accessories, I’d probably own a set.

There’s nothing quite like using beautifully crafted tools. There’s also an aesthetic about the pliers that add another level of satisfaction.

The challenge for me is this. I can achieve the same outcome by spending $35. Why would I want to spend over $300 more? 

But to be honest, that can be said of just about every fishing product available.

The Van Staal pliers are a beautiful piece of kit that perform to the specs as promised by the manufacturer. Therefore, they’re definitely recommended.

If you’ve got a few hundred bucks burning a hole in your wallet and you’re in need of a new set of pliers…go ahead, knock your socks off – they’re excellent pliers.

I advise, however…If you drop them in 60 fathoms the first session you use them, don’t tell your wife!

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